Social Protest in Imperial Japan: The Hibiya Riot of 1905


Gordon, Andrew. “Social Protest in Imperial Japan: The Hibiya Riot of 1905.” MIT Visualizing Cultures, 2011.


In 2010-11 I will be preparing an image-based essay on political and social protest in Japan in the early 20th century as part of the Visualizing Cultures project initiated by Professor John Dower and hosted at MIT. I will use an illustrated magazine chronicle of the Hibiya Anti-Treaty Riot of 1905 (the cover of which is used for the home page of this website, read more about it here) as a major source to explore aspects of Japan’s imperial democratic politics which can be understood with particular clarity through study of illustrations and photographs, and will use in addition the remarkable photographs and posters in the collection of the Ohara Institute of Social Research (for a sampling of this collection, click to the online poster exhibition.

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