Commemorative Lecture Broadcast at NIHU International Prize in Japanese Studies Award Ceremony

July 21, 2021

On June 10, 2021, Professor Andrew Gordon received the second annual NIHU International Prize in Japanese Studies (日本研究国際賞) at the award ceremony of the National Institute of Humanities (NIHU, 人間文化研究機構). Following the conferral of the award, he presented a commemorative lecture, titled “The Excitement of History and Responsibility of Historical Studies" (『歴史の魅力・歴史学の責任』).

The Prize recognizes his wide-ranging research activities and outstanding achievements, in the study of the history of labor in modern Japan, in the study of Japanese modern history, and in education. The Prize also recognizes his service as former Faculty Director of the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, as well as his contributions to bridging society and academia, namely the Japan Digital Disasters Archive Project established in response to the March 2011 disasters.

The broadcast of the award ceremony and commemorative lecture (begins at 30:50) has been published on NIHU's YouTube channel here: The entire proceedings were conducted in Japanese.